Jack Barrett

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A wide variety of music can be heard in Jack Barrett's compositions. Throughout his life, he has explored avenues of classical, progressive rock, metal and jazz. All of which have left their permanent mark on his sound. Raised in the Twin Cities, Barrett studied in the northern wilderness of St. John's University where he earned a degree in piano performance. There, he was enchanted by the sounds of Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett among others as he delved further into the sound and practice of jazz. Since then, his path has brought him to the sounds of modern players like Brad Mehldau and Tigran Hamasyan. The sounds of intense rhythms and rich harmonies dominate Barrett's compositions, marked by concise and dynamic solos. With each new work he builds around a single concept, whether it is a rhythmic or harmonic motif or simply a feeling. Expanding from this, he crafts the song into a sprawling extrapolation, adding and transforming until the original idea is woven into every part of the music. 

2020 proves to be an exciting year for Jack. Every month a new recording will be released on Fun One, each their own musical universe. With some of the best players his community has to offer accompanying him, a new voice will join the conversation with a triumphant beginning.