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Charlie.Murphy is a recording project with a simple goal in mind; to build a new music community. While recording and touring in various bands as a rhythm section, Charlie.Murphy (Charlie Bruber & Murphy Janssen) saw and heard the boundless creativity in the many musicians and artists around them. There was so much inspiration, yet too little time to work with more people than the bands they were playing in. A late night jam consisting of a Moog Little Phatty through an Echoplex and YouTube algorithms led Charlie.Murphy to videos of what sounded like the holy grail of synthesizers - the EMS Polysynthi. WIth its lush, transformative sound, it is often coined as ‘the rarest synthesizer in existence,’ (built exclusively in 1978) and is almost impossible to obtain. Low and behold, the internet came through that night and one (serial number 12 of 29) was for sale on Reverb.com. Charlie.Murphy felt like this could be the instrument to build a community around and through the power of credit card debt, the EMS Polysynthi landed in their studio. Songs took shape the day it arrived, and soon Charlie.Murphy were inviting their community in to collaborate on a new album idea.