What is Fun One?

A note from our founder...

Hello - thanks for being curious. Curiosity is the root of fun, is it not? I hope you are enjoying your day, or said differently - "Having a fun one." That's what motivates us every day. To enjoy this reality for what it is and cultivate something from it. It's not fun when my bread goes stale, nor when a day falls flat. The only antidote for that is to have a fun one. To create something and to express yourself. 

I started this label to show my respect and love for my friends and their music. My goal is to provide a label/community that benefits the artist. I see their dedication to their craft and felt the motivation to support them. My thank you is to feature them here and help build a platform for them to be heard. 

Right now we are small, but hoping to grow. A lot is in store, but we are happy to have made it this far. Follow along with us as we continue to release new music and grow our community. 

Have a 'fun one!'

-The Founder

(Charlie Bruber)